Sacrament of Confirmation

  • work of Mercy project

    WHAT IS A MERCY PROJECT? It is service that directly fulfills one or more of the Corporal Works of Mercy.

    A Mercy Project can include: a group of candidates a candidate and his/her family or sponsor an individual candidate.

    .A Mercy Project could be… Organizing a collection of items (coats, school supplies, etc.) and dropping off the collection at a site. 

    The candidate is responsible for making ALL arrangements Serving in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter Reaching out to—and serving—the homeless, imprisoned, chronically ill, or anyone in need. 

    A Mercy Project requires a minimum of 5 hours of service. 

    The Final Reflection is to be a written reflection of the Mercy Project.

    THINK about it, PRAY about it, TALK about it.



  • community service


    It is the candidate’s responsibility to arrange for service. A minimum of 25 service hours (total) is required, this includes the 5 hour Mercy Project All candidates are to participate in a MERCY PROJECT. Aside from the MERCY PROJECT, three different types of service must also be performed: 

    family-based performing service with a family member

    parish-based performing service at St. Anne Parish

    community-based performing service in the greater community

    Examples of each type of service are listed in this packet. School service hours may not be used for Confirmation service hours. If you are involved/participate in a Church of St. Anne ministry on a regular basis, (choir, altar server or attend TNL on a regular basis), you only have to complete the Work of Mercy Project. Every service must be signed for by a supervisor or include an official signed letter stating date, number of hours, and service performed. The letter can be inserted in this service folder. If the candidate wishes to perform services not listed in this packet, contact the Faith Formation office first to have it approved.  



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