The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is intended for those who wish to enter the Catholic faith, for those who come from other Christian Eccliesial communities, or for Catholics who need to be fully initiated with the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. 


Did You Know….. The Second Vatican Council looked back at how the early Church initiated  those who wanted to learn how to live as part of the Catholic community and restored the “catechumenate” process that we use today (which is also known as R.C.I.A.). 

If you (or someone you know) are not a Catholic and you are curious about the Catholic faith, 

Or, are Catholic but have not completed your sacraments:

We invite you to learn what Catholics believe in an open and welcoming environment! We have a set of sessions to share with others the beauty of the Catholic faith and the fellowship of our church family. These sessions are also opportunities for you to ask any questions you may have about the Church. 


We meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00 pm. All sessions are held in the Rectory.


If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Claire Liberato at 201-791-1616 ext. 224 or complete the google form https://forms.gle/njNUXaa7Ghjc9c7A6



RCIA 2020-2021:  List of Handouts – dates for discussion

Monday Sessions begin at 7 pm in the Church Hall

Oct 19 :  Q2 “What is Faith?”


November 2 : Q3 The Holy Trinity and Q4 Who is Jesus

November 16: Q5 The Bible and Q6 Divine Revelation


November 29: First Sunday of Advent Year B


November 30: Q7 Your Prayer Life and Q8 Catholic Prayers and Practices                                            


December 7: Q9 The Mass and Q10 The Church Year

December 21:  Advent Prayer


January 4: C3 Baptism and C4 Confirmation

Jan 25: C5 Eucharist                                        

Sunday, February 7:  Rite of Sending – Mass time to be announced


Feb. 8: C6 Penance and Reconciliation


Sat., Feb 20 “Call to Continuing Conversion” Tentative


Feb.  22: E1 Saying Yes to Jesus and E2 Living Lent


Mar 8:  C10 People of God and C11 The Early Church

March 22: E3 Scrutinies: Looking Within  and E4 The Creed

March 29: E7 The Meaning of Holy Week


Saturday, April 3:  EASTER VIGIL  7:30 pm Saturday Evening be at Church by 7pm


Easter Sunday April 4

April 5: Easter Monday – no session

April 12:  Conversion is a Lifelong Process and “Your Spiritual Gifts (Mystagogy)