support for saint anne

Thank you for all you do for us! The Church of Saint Anne relies on the support of its parishioners to further its mission and ministries. There are numerous ways to help sustain our parish: 

  • Weekly Envelopes: Click here to register in the parish and receive envelopes for weekly contribution.
  • Bequests: Call the Rectory at 201-791-1616 for more information. 
  • Brick Program: Click here for the form to purchase a memorial brick to be placed on the Church side of Saint Anne Street.
  • Energy Envelopes: Everyone knows that there are some months in which our electricity bill or heating bill is higher than others. Well, it’s the same with the Church. As you know, we use an additional way of paying for our extra energy months. In the back of the Church each Sunday you will find separate ENERGY envelopes. If you should happen to hit the jackpot that week, and wish to throw a dollar or two in that envelope, we’d greatly appreciate it! You can throw these special envelopes right in the collection with your regular envelope. The energy envelopes will not be mailed to you. They will simply be in the back of the church, so if you don’t spot them, be sure to ask the ushers at your Mass. Thanks so much. And special thanks to those who have already been doing it regularly. It makes a difference!!!
  • Special Memorials: Call the Rectory at 201-791-1616 for more information.  
  • GIVE ONLINE: Make a one-time donation or set up recurring gifts.Click here!