Faith Formation

Our goal is to work together to form a partnership dedicated to the faith formation of your child and your family. Faith Formation happens first within the family. The Rite of Baptism calls parents to commit to “raising children in the practice of the faith”, which affirms that parents are the first and most important teachers of the Catholic faith. Through this commitment, our children and families will continue to develop a greater love for God and Church and our Faith Formation programs will continue to support what goes on in the home. Besides attending Faith Formation sessions, it is essential that your family participate in Mass weekly. All these experiences give the children/family the opportunity to build their faith, grounded in God’s love, family experiences, and the witness of others and is brought to fruition as we celebrate as a parish family of faith during the Eucharist. 

outside Stations of the Cross for children

On Good Friday, April 2 from Noon to 2 pm the Stations of the Cross for Young children will be set up outside on our Church "campus" beginning on the corner Lyncrest Avenue.  You can stop by at your leisure during that time to follow the pictures, pray and journey the Stations of the Cross with your child(ren).   Follow the video and prayer together